IBC Constructions is a telecommunication/electrical contracting company that has been working in the telecommunication industry for over 20 years.

IBCC will design and install a distributed antenna system (DAS) for any environment to meet the MCF2018 requirements and above.

We have a productive relationship with all the carries so we can accommodate all necessary frequencies and requirements.

We have a reputation with not only all the carries but also all the major constructions company’s which is second to none.

Lastly, we pride ourselves in not only our quality we deliver but our quick ability to overcome day to day obstacles and still the deliver the projects in the required time frames.

  • Multi-story high-rises
  • Commercial and Office buildings
  • Stadiums

  • Road and Train Tunnels

  • Hospitals

  • Shopping Centres

  • Airports

  • Campus Environments

  • Factories and Warehouses


Who is IBC Constructions?

IBC Constructions evolved from the communication/electrical industry from the need of various carriers to provide mobile and two way communications within buildings away from the Macro world.

The understanding of existing buildings and their base infrastructure was essential to carriers if they were to deploy this new technology within all types of buildings, tunnels etc. IBC Constructions was able to provide this path way with their team of experienced personnel in infrastructure cabling and construction methods.


Where we operate

IBC Constructions are primarily based out of Seven Hills, Sydney and service NSW and ACT with affiliate companies in QLD and Tasmania. We have the ability to mobilise in all states.

IBC Constructions Seven Hills

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