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Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Solutions

Cellular signals aren’t designed to penetrate thick building walls. That’s why poor device reception continues to plaque occupants and visitors of commercial buildings.

DAS for Buildings

DAS for all building types

IBC Constructions have designed and installed DAS solutions for a variety of building types including stadiums, train/car tunnels, commercial offices, hospitals, casinos and more!

Distributed Antenna System

In-building coverage for Australia’s leading brands

Our team has completed over $147 million worth of projects for major brands including: The Star Casino, Lane Cove Tunnel, Federal Police Head Office Canberra, Westpac – 275 Kent St, Barangaroo Towers.

Network Connection

Trusted relationships with major Telco’s

We have developed unique relationships with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. We have provided installation capabilities to all the major RF design companies across Australia. We take pride in our work and ensure all projects are completed on time and on budget.

Passive DAS - Distributed Antenna System

[1] Signal Source [2] Booster [3] In-Building Antennas

Passive DAS

Passive DAS provides boosted 3G & 4G LTE cellular coverage for areas up to 100 square meters. Coverage of areas up to 500 square meters is possible (via multiple units). We recommend Passive DAS solutions for spaces 10 to 500 square meters with individual spot coverage for any areas of priority.

Passive DAS is our most common DAS system. Built using coaxial cable, splitters, taps and couplers, passive DAS solutions are a useful for distributing signals within certain building sizes/types. The further away an antenna is from the source or amplifiers, the more loss there can be in the power broadcast. Passive DAS provides benefits such as easier management and generally lower costs. Longer cable runs can be difficult and it is important to calculate precise link budgets to ensure maximum performance.

Active DAS

Active DAS will provide a strengthed 3G and 4G LTE celluar signal for building over 500 square meters . We recommend Active DAS for areas over 500 square meters when a dependable signal is required for 95%+ of the entire space.

Used for converting analog radio frequency transmissions from the source to a digital signal for distribution, Active DAS solutions are expandable and pose no limits to cable run lengths. A master unit is installed to peform the analog to digital conversions and can support signals from single or multiple carriers. After being converted, the DAS system transmits the digital signal across cabling (either fibre optic or ethernet) to remote radio units that then convert it back to analog. Whilst more expensive than Passive DAS, Active DAS can share ethernet/fibre optic cabling with other infrastructure.

Active DAS - Distributed Antenna System

[1] Signal Source [2] Base Station [3] In-Building Antennas


Why do you need a Distributed Antenna System?

We live in a wireless world. Nearly everything nowadays, including your refrigerator has the ability to connect to the internet. Cellular connectivity has moved from being something of a luxury to a necessity.

Mobile phone calls, instant messages, fast data, emails, streaming applications, the list is endless. It is more important than ever to have reliable cellular network connectivity to ensrue your access to critical information isn’t interrupted.

Take a moment to consider the effects that poor cellular coverage can have on your work and/or home life. Multiply that by the potential thousands of customers or employees who operate out of a commercial workplace/venue and you can start to see the true cost of inefficiency and potential lost labour hours.

What is a Distributed Antenna System?

A Distributed Antenna System, or DAS as it is also known, uses multiple antennas as opposed to a single antenna to facilitate wireless coverage to a set area with reduce power consumption and increased reliability. A DAS is built using radio frequency (RF) directional couplers and/or wireless signal amplifiers to both split and amplify wireless signals from their source to positioned distributed antennas.

A DAS can use a combination of coaxial cabling as well as fiber optic cabling. These systems can support radio over fiber (ROF) technology for distributing the wireless signals to the positioned antennas.

Distributed Antenna Systems are highly adaptable and can be designed for use indoors and/or outdoors. We have provided DAS solutions to hospitals, tunnels, casinos, stadiums, large commercial buildings, police stations, airports and more!

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Need a Distributed Antenna System in Sydney?

Looking to have a Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, installed in a Sydney location? You have come to the right place.  IBC Constructions are based in Seven Hills, just 30 mins drive from Sydney and have completed numerous multi-millon dollar projects across the Sydney metropolitan area.

DAS Installers

Looking for qualified DAS Installers for your next Sydney project? IBC Constructions are your best choice for professional DAS Installations. Our services including preliminary RF design, RF Macro coverage walk tests, PIM testing, full service DAS installations by qualified DAS installers, sweep testing and carrier coordination.

Sydney DAS Projects

Please take a moment to browse our projects page to see examples of just some of the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) installations we have completed over the years.

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Fully Qualified DAS Installers

Wireless Network Building

Extensive experience

We have over 20 years experience completing major projects in everything from Multi-story high-rises to Stadiums and Airports and much more!

Network Connection

Established relationships

We have established trustworthy relationships with Australia’s major telco and associated companies including Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and Huawei.

Network Cabling

Complete range of services

Our complete range of telecommunication services allow us to deliver end to end solutions capable of meeting your unique requirements.

Complex Projects

Complex project specialists

We have completed over $147m worth of projects for major venues including Lane Cove Tunnel, Harbour Bridge, Star City Casio, Westpac, and Federal Police.


Fully certified & qualified

All IBC employees are fully certified for Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, ASIC, RISI (Railcorp), OH&S, Working at Heights, Confined Space and Austell.


Ability to mobilise

We have the ability to mobilise in all Australian states for specific projects.

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